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Another VOICE Submission

  • May 28, 2024

Here is an opportunity to add additional content & context.

You can add additional images or simply use text.

Standard WYSIWYG editor options are at the top...

For things like headlines

  • Bullet lists
  • Bullet lists
  • Bullet lists

Adding photos:


Images work best in a landscape format and should be resized to be 1200px wide or less.  When you upload a very large photo (from your phone for example), it will resize for the screen being viewed on but will have a very large file size.  These can cause the email and resulting posts/pages to load slowly. This is true for both the featured image (added under settings) and any photos you may be adding through the WYSIWYG editor.

Finally, please try to avoid using different fonts/colors...  while the editor won't stop you from doing so, our brand colors and fonts are built into the design template.

If there's already existing content on our main website (lifewest.edu), we recommend using a very brief headline & summary and then linking to that page.

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