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Covid-19 Vaccine Policy

Life West has a policy regarding vaccination on page 40 of the current Student Handbook and Catalog. The college strongly emphasises personal choice for the individual and supports informed decision making on one’s own behalf and on behalf of one’s family. Life West will not invoke a mandatory vaccination policy for Covid-19.

If community members wish to be vaccinated, they will need to seek vaccination through their health care provider or other resources provided by the county.

In the coming months, we urge our Life West community to face our current Covid-19 health crisis in unity. We can all agree the most important thing is for everyone to stay healthy and safe. Please continue to follow the safety protocols that have been put into place through the guidance of the state, county, and CDC. Continue to follow the suggestions of the Taskforce communication to remain healthy by staying free of subluxation (get checked), hydrate frequently, maintain high levels of vitamin D, vitamin C, and Zinc, and continue to think positive thoughts.

The Taskforce continues to also recommend meditation or performing outdoor exercise as weather permits as something to not only keep us healthy but also give our minds a break from the same old four walls of our homes, offices, apartments, etc. Finally, please remember that we are all united in this effort and will see it through together.